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At its regular monthly meeting on September 8, 2015, Mr. William Swift, Director of Facilities, Maintenance, Operations and Security, notified the Board of Education of a projected 6.4 million dollar increase in construction costs for the Southern Middle School Renovation project and Performing Arts Center add alternate. This increase is based on FY2017 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) guidelines that were recently established by the Interagency Committee (IAC) on Public School Construction. "In order to align the State Construction Cost with current market conditions, the cost has been increased by 21% over the FY 2016 figure, and the allowance for sitework for new construction has been increased from 12% of total construction cost to 19%", according to Dr. David Lever, Executive Director of the Public School Construction Program. As a result, estimated project totals for the Southern Middle School renovation went from $32,582,269 to $39,017,203.
News of the increase caused a delay in the approval of the Capital Improvement Plan for submission to the Commissioners until sometime later this month. The Board has requested revised cost numbers separating the add alternate from the main building renovation. The Board is expected to take action on the CIP sometime in September on the same date it expects to hear its annual audit report from The Rodeheaver Group, P.C.  The meeting date will be announced soon.
In preparation for a meeting with the IAC on October 20, 2015, a previously scheduled informal viewing of the updated architectural design to be held on September 16, 2015 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Southern Middle School will go as planned.
Mr. Mike Gehr, Principal / Architect for BFM Architects, Inc. and others will be on hand during this time to share the updated designs. The purpose of this session is to provide the public an opportunity to view planning progress and garner letters of support to be submitted to the IAC by October 5, 2015 in preparation for the October 20, 2015 meeting.
Letters of support addressed to the IAC regarding the Southern Middle School renovation with the add alternate continue to be encouraged as the Board considers its next steps in providing a renovated Southern Middle School facility for student and community use. For additional information regarding the project, please contact Garrett County Public Schools at 301-334-8901.
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