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Grantsville School's Phone 895 Exchange Now Working

Last Updated on Aug 27, 2015 at 11:29am | Public Information Office

Update August 27, 2015      11:25 AM
Grantsville Elementary School's 301-895-5173 line is now working.
Updated August 25, 2015     2:40 PM
Grantsville School's 301-895-5173 line is still not working.  If you call the 895 number, it will sound like it is ringing and no one is answering the phone.  The 301-746-8662 line is working.  However, it is also used for faxes.  Therefore, if you call and it is busy, try back in a few minutes.
August 25, 2015    11:55 AM
Grantsville Elementary School's phone number, 301-895-5173, is not working at this time. To contact the school, please use 301-746-8662.
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