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iLEGO Team #3665 Had a Rewarding and Thankful Year

Last Updated on Jun 15, 2015 at 11:16am | Public Information Office

iLEGO Team #3665 is honored to have been chosen as the winning team at the Garrett Qualifier and the third place Maryland State FLL Champions! According to FIRST, the Champion’s Award is FLL’s most prestigious award that, “Celebrates the ultimate success of the FIRST mission in FLL Values. It measures how the children inspire and motivate others about the excitement and wonders of science and technology, while demonstrating gracious professionalism. The Champion’s Award is determined by giving equal weight to all four arenas and competition: technical design & programming, robot performance, project presentation, and teamwork- and additional consideration to the team demonstrating FLL values to all the judges.” The team wrote letters and nominated Pam and Chuck Trautwein for the Mentor’s Award which they won. The team also placed third in the robot competition out of 70+ teams.

The coaches, parents, and team members of iLEGO sold bed sheets and held spirit nights to gain the monetary support needed for the team to represent Garrett County at The Razorback Invitational in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The team would like to thank the Community Trust Foundation, Garrett County Schools, Susquehanna Bank, Total Biz Fulfillment, Unos, Dairy Queen, Grantsville Rotary, Armstrong Insurance, Oakland Chapter-Order of the Eastern Star, Boal and Associates, plus all the friends and family who donated to the group and made this competition and trip possible.

“First LEGO League has been an incredible influence and experience for our team members and families! The FIRST LEGO League has really left an impact on my life; if I wanted to I could probably write a book. I have learned valuable STEM, computer, and presentation skills that would not have been possible with any other activity,” Mariah Bolden, 7th Grade Southern Middle School

“FLL has created a new perspective on the way I work with others in and out of school and how I solve and think about a problem,” Ava Rankin, 5th Grade Route 40 Elementary.

“FLL could be called the FUN LEARNING LEAGUE! I have learned so much. I knew I loved robots and programming, but my big surprise was how much I like public speaking. I think FLL has taught me how to understand competition. Sometimes you take home a trophy, and sometimes you don't. Either way, you will laugh and learn along the way! Thank you FLL!” Jakob Long, 6th Grade Southern Middle School.

“FLL is great for a lot of reasons. Programming robots is cool,” Jalen Beeman, 6th Grade Southern Middle School.

Natalie Warne, 4th Grade Yough Glades Elementary, “FLL has helped me a lot in life. It has helped me in school because it makes it easier to solve math, science, technology, and special reasoning problems. FLL has also made me a better public speaker in our county, state and even all over the USA. I love competing. iLego has competed in Garrett County, Baltimore, MD, and even California. But the project portion of the FLL competition has also helped me realize we can help others, help solve problems, and create solutions.”

Sophia Rankin, 3rd Grade Route 40 Elementary, “I have so much fun on iLEGO because it gives me the chance to see what I can build! That gives me so much confidence. I feel like I can solve problems in the world by being creative and thinking.

Jewel Long, 4th Grade Broad Ford Elementary, “FLL has helped me to learn how to speak in front of crowds. I have made friends from my team and other FLL teams. I love seeing how the project starts as one idea, and then changes to something awesome. Being on a FLL team helps me in and out of school. I have learned to work better with others and to take risks. A lot of times when we talk about something new in school, I already know about it because I learned it from the work of my FLL team and my coaches helping me. I love being on team #3665!”

“FLL has taught me a lot of things. Before FLL I had no idea how to program an EV3. Now I know how to program it to do lots of things, like rotations and moving around the table to certain locations. Last year, FLL made it possible for me to go to California, a place I had never been, and I am grateful for that experience. Most importantly, FLL is a lot of fun and has helped me make new friends that enjoy the same things as I do,” Landon Grady, 4th Grade Yough Glades Elementary.

“FLL has made a positive impact on my life! Being part of a team, I have learned teamwork skills and important life lessons. I have also learned how to speak properly when presenting information, had an opportunity to explore the STEM fields, and have been able to give back to my community as part of core values. In my opinion, FLL is helping me now and will continue to help me in the future. Being on FLL has not only taught me things, but it has also allowed me to explore new places. Through FLL I was able to visit the city of Baltimore and travel to California and now Arkansas! I am very appreciative of what FLL has done for me. I am grateful for the life skills FLL has taught me and thrilled about the adventures I have been able to have. I know that the skills I have learned will help me in all my adventures to come,” Alexx Grady, 7th Grade Southern Middle School.

The team members had the opportunity to share excitement, ideas, and fellowship with students all over the world and the United States. The team received a callback for the research project. The team received excellent rubric scores and was incredibly proud to be competing with the caliber of teams that they met in Arkansas.
iLEGO Team #3665
Front: Natalie Warne, Eden Rankin
On Table: Landon Grady, Sophia Rankin, Jakob Long, Jalen Beeman
Back: Mariah Bolden, Ava Rankin, Alexx Grady, Lorie Burdock, Olivia Warne, Mike Warne
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