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Middle and High School Health Materials on Display for Review

Last Updated on Apr 16, 2015 at 10:38am | Public Information Office

Proposed new health curriculum materials for middle and high school students are on display for review by the general public.
During the Board of Education meeting on April 14, 2015, Mrs. Barbara Baker, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, presented the middle school health curriculum material, “Teen Health”, to the Board, while Mr. Paul Edwards, Director of Secondary Education, presented the high school health curriculum resource materials, "Heritage Keepers".
“Heritage Keepers”, published by the Heritage Community Services, will be a week long program to supplement the 9th grade health curriculum. The program will be piloted at Northern High in the 2015-16 school year through a grant by Project AIM.  High School Health and Physical Education is an 18 week course, and one week of it will be taught by a certified program trainer from the Cumberland YMCA through Project AIM using “Heritage Keepers” materials.
“Teen Health”, published by McGraw Hill, is a series of health material resources designed to meet the curriculum for 6-8 grades.  These materials will replace the textbook used at both middle schools. The format is engaging for students and addresses current information on various health topics.
Both levels of materials will be on display until May 7, 2015. “Teen Health” materials will be on display for review at both middle schools.  “Heritage Keepers” will be on display for review at the Central Office.  The public is encouraged to visit the sites to review the materials.  A comment sheet will be available at each site.  Comments will then be presented to Board members at the May 12, 2015, meeting.
Additional comments or questions may be submitted to Mrs. Barbara Baker, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, at or 301-334-8937.

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