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Last Updated on Jan 8, 2014 at 3:07pm | Public Information Office

Garrett County Public Schools implemented a communication system, SchoolMessenger, in September. SchoolMessenger is used to communicate a number of items ranging from school cancellations, major system wide events, to other various announcements by way of' phone call, email, and/or text. Information was provided to parents to sign up for SchoolMessenger at the beginning of the year. After four months of testing the system with those registrations, all students were opted into SchoolMessenger at the beginning of January to receive important announcements.

On Monday morning, January 6th, announcements concerning a two-hour delay and ultimately the closing of schools because of inclement weather were sent to all families. The school system has received various calls from parents requesting to opt out of the phone calls, email, and/or text messages.

To view the steps that parents can take to opt out of SchoolMessenger, visit:
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