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Public Input on Facilities Study

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2013 at 1:16pm | Public Information Office

Cynthia Downton, Board President, stated at last night’s meeting (December 19, 2013) that the Board will discontinue the Advisory / School Consolidation Impact Committee process for this year since schools will not be closed next year. She did indicate that the committees, however, will continue as Advocacy Committees for the school system to advocate and plan for the school system’s future. Mrs. Downton indicated that it is important that the Advocacy Committees continue to focus on the facilities study conducted by Facility Engineering Associates and Bushey Feight Architects, Inc. Representatives from Facility Engineering Associates and Bushey Feight Architects, Inc., will be addressing the Advocacy Committees on January 13th and meeting with the Board of Education and Commissioners on January 14th at their respective meetings.
In this regard, the Board is inviting public comments and/or questions concerning the Facility Study that can be found on the school system’s website under Frequently Asked Questions or by clicking the following link: .
Constituents can relay any questions and/or comments to principals who will then refer them to the school's Advocacy Committee point of contact.
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