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School Closure Advisory Committee Applications Available

Last Updated on Nov 18, 2013 at 1:01pm | Public Information Office

With Garrett County Public Schools facing an estimated $2.2 million deficit for the school year 2014-15, the Board is now preceding with the school closure process.  School Advisory Committees will be developed, in accordance with Maryland law, to consider the impact of student enrollment trends, age or condition of buildings, transportation, educational programs, racial composition of the student body, financial considerations, student relocations, impact on the community in the geographic attendance area of the school(s) proposed for closure and the school or schools in which students will be relocated, and such other factors enumerated by the superintendent, or which the advisory group recommends.    
School Advisory Closure Process Committees will be established for the schools proposed to be closed:  Crellin Elementary, Friendsville Elementary, and Route 40 Elementary.
School Consolidation Impact Committees will be established for schools not directly involved in school closures, but may be affected by grade level and redistricting.
Committee applications can be found in two places on the Garrett County Public Schools’ website at .  The applications can be found in the "Public Information Office" section (under "Departments" tab) on the left hand side.  The applications can also be found in the "Frequently Asked Questions" (under "Parents" tab).  Each committee application is also available at all schools.
All applications must be received / forwarded to the Office of the Superintendent by the close of business on November 26, 2013. All applicants will receive notification of acceptance or regrets the first week of December.
Committees will be meeting three times between December 9 – January 3.
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