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Final Report: Identification of Strategic Issues

RISE Strategic Plan

June 25, 2018
STEP 5. Formulating Strategies to Manage Strategic Issues
A strategy can be defined as “a pattern of purposes, policies, programs, projects, actions, and decisions, or resource allocations that define what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it” (Bryson, 2011, p. 60). We suggest that this phase include the following three steps:
  1. Identification of practical alternatives for resolving strategic issues
  2. Identification of the barriers to achieving alternatives
  3. Develop major proposals for resolving strategic issues built from alternatives
    • In developing these proposals, planning teams should solicit ideas from various stakeholders.

The following overarching issues were adopted by the Board of Education:

Educational Services:

Recognize the value of the schools to the community while creating a plan for sustainability.
  • Ensuring elementary instructional programs and secondary course offerings and programs will prepare students for high school and post high school.
    • Examine curriculum alignment and resources at all levels.
  • Ensuring class sizes are at optimal size for both learning opportunities and efficiencies
  • Addressing increases in disruptive behaviors throughout the school system at all grade levels.
  • Understanding the school system’s role in economic development and articulating the value of the school system to the county as a whole.

Administrative Services:

Address flat to declining revenue in a inflationary environment
  • Address the schools with low capacities and high-deferred maintenance costs to create a footprint of facilities that are well maintained, efficient, equitable and most importantly safe for instruction.
  • Managing the high cost of healthcare and other goods and services provided for students and staff.
  • Recruiting and maintaining a high quality workforce.
  • Working to bring homeschool students into school system.
  • Address the issue of adequate local funding to maintain system quality and integrity.
  • Review all staffing plans (administrative/instructional/staff), departments, programs, and initiatives, for long-term budget sustainability.
The Superintendent and the Board of Education members recognize that other issues have been presented. However, the team feels that this consolidation represents the “BIG 10” strategic issues facing our school system. Others that have been presented through the SWOT analysis and subsequent stakeholder feedback will continue to be addressed through administrative planning and initiatives to address concerns.