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Northern Middle School Student Council Fall Activities

Last Updated on Nov 23, 2016 at 10:02am | Northern Middle School

Northern Middle School's student council has been very busy this fall.  The students hosted a pajama day fundraiser in September to raise money and awareness for Cindy's Fund and the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Mrs. Mary Jane Dye's father.  The group was able to send $100 check to both organizations. Ariella Malfaro explained, "I was happy to bring in a dollar for pajama day because my Pap had cancer and I know how hard that disease can be on a family."   Dustin Baker said, "This was the first time I had ever heard about Pulmonary Fibrosis.  I donated to the fund because I want to support research on the disease to help find a cure."
In October, the student council hosted a Freaky Friday Dance. All donations from pictures, plus part of the dance proceeds, were donated to Haley Ross, a former Northern Middle School student who suffered a spinal stroke and is working to purchase an exercise bike for her recovery. Kaitlyn Miller said, "I donated money to the Haley Ross fund because I want to see her be able to buy the tools she needs for recovery." The group was able to send her a $200 check.
         Seventh graders:   Breanna Olinzock, Tabitha Dery, Hailee Watkins, Daphne Harman,
         Paige Smith, and Tiffany Opel pose in their pajamas.
        Derek Skidmore, Briley Fazenbaker, Kaitlyn Weimer, Sophie Lewis, Arizona Thomas,
        Jacob Green, Emily Cuppett, Logan Mason, Tara Durst, and  Chiara Fiorita pose with
        polar bear and a check for Cindy's Fund.
      Eighth graders: Reagan Yutzy, Taylor Bittinger, Taylor Dixon, Ella Ashby, Xavier Pryor,
      Zach Hallenback, Isaac Bittinger, and Jake Rush hold the check for the
      Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.
      Seventh grade student council members presenting Brenna Ross with a check for her
      sister Haley.  Sitting: Daphne Harman and Alex Crayton.
      Standing: Jeff Eyler, Chase Taylor, Brenna Ross, Abby Weimer, Kendall Holliday, and Logan Perry.
      Back: Owen Sealy, Jaclyn Jacobs, Ava Rankin, Kelly Smith, Sophia Maust, Rylie O'Neal,
      Destiny Ritchie, Hailee Watkins, and Sara Huelskamp.