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Northern Middle Patriot Day Boot Drive

Last Updated on Oct 7, 2015 at 8:42am | Northern Middle School

In honor of September 11th, Northern Middle School’s Student Council hosted a Boot Drive to support the first responders in their area.  The Student Council mailed $30 checks to Accident, Bittinger, Eastern Garrett, Grantsville, and McHenry Volunteer Fire Departments.  Samantha Wilt, 8th grade, stated, “It’s important for students to understand that these volunteers put a lot of time and effort into keeping the community safe.”  Advisor, Lorie Burdock, would like to thank the students and staff who helped to make the drive a success.  

Front: Chase Taylor, Hailey Brown,  Rylie O’Neal, Abby Weimer, Zach Hallenback
Kneeling: Owen Sealy, Sophia Maust, Lauren Lowery, Madi Magruder
Standing: Payton Julio, Emily Mayles, Lauren Jacobs, Landon Broadwater, Jeff Eyeler, Derek Skidmore, Logan Mason, Ella Ashby, Jake Rush, Emily Cuppett
Back:  Abby Cutler, Ella Warnick, Xavier Pryor, Colten Jenkins, Kaitlyn Weimer, Ava Rankin, Sara Huelskamp, Tara Durst, Samantha Wilt, Mackenzie Weimer