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Northern Middle School Student Council Highlights for 2013-14

Last Updated on May 28, 2014 at 4:24pm | Northern Middle School

The 2013-2014 school year has been both hectic and exciting for student council, and we are proud of many accomplishments!
We started off the school year with our first dance, and the proceeds went to benefit our school. We also participated in the “Kids Helping Kids” food drive during the month of November. Each grade competed to see who could collect the most items. Student Council also organized a Veterans Day celebration to honor the many veterans and service men and women in our community.  More than 100 people attended!

We donated a tree full of Garrett County themed decorations to benefit the Dove Center. December was packed full of activities, including the Wounded Warriors project, that extended through the 31st. Our school raised $141 to help the cause! We also wore hats in honor of Mrs. Dye’s father   raised money to help Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

We partnered with Aeropostale in LaVale to support the Teens for Jeans program.  Students donated gently worn jeans to be donated to shelters for homeless teens in Maryland.

In February, a group of students participated in taking the yearly trip to Annapolis to learn about how our legislature works, and to meet Senator Edwards and Delegate Beitzel. We also toured the Governor’s mansion!

On March 27th – March 30th, the eighth and seventh graders of Student Council traveled to Ocean City, Maryland for the MASC Leadership Conferences, which included guest speakers, networking, and interesting workshops.

“My goal is to inspire students to become leaders and to make a difference in the community,” explained advisor Mrs. Burdock.  Our student council is encouraging students to make a positive change and to help those in need. Collecting Pennies for Patients and change for Cindy’s Fund are small ways for students to make a positive impact.


        Front:  Sammi Kennell, Faith Parandhamaia, Jenna Yommer, Emily Nichols, Shelby Grey, Ava Roberts.
        Desks: Kayla Sisler, Taylor Wertz, Emily Frazee, Lauren Derato, Jada Yorty, Jillian Wood, Ava Ashby, Sadie Powell,
                    Madison Toothman
        Standing: Lorie Burdock, Lisa Carr, Noah Aiken, Cassidy Overstreet, Ella Warnick, Kiana White, Taylor Sheehan,
                        Savannah Rogers, Hunter Meyers, Cross Ritchey, Bryce Jones, Peyton Carr, Jaden Lais
Respectfully submitted:  Ava Roberts, Northern Middle School, Eighth grade