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Last Updated on Jun 5, 2018 at 5:16pm | Northern Garrett High School

Earlier this school year, students at Northern Garrett High School raised over $450 for the American Heart Association. Students donated money to attend a volleyball tournament which included staff and student teams. Each student who made a donation also received a vote to help decide what would happen to Vice Principal Hummel. The winning team members made Mr. Hummel into a human sundae, and he also had to kiss a pig. The winning team also helped to present the check to American Heart Association.
Northern High School's Volleyball team raising funds raised.
Pictured from left to right: Mr. Gary Reichenbecher, Principal, Carly Rodeheaver, Mr. John Hummel, Vice Principal, McKenna Houser, Mrs. Mary Ann Umbel, Teacher Assistant and Advisor, Faith Parandhamia, Jenna Yommer and Ms. Samantha Ganoe, American Heart Association.
Volleyball tournament winners turning Mr. Hummel into a sundae!
Volleyball tournament winners turning Mr. Hummel into a sundae!
Mr. Hummel kissing pig.
From sweet toppings to a sweet little pig!!!
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