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Evan BeachyCongratulatons to Evan Beachy

Evan has been selected for Maryland's All State Junior High School Band on Trombone

CONGRATULATIONS to the Northern Garrett Marching Band on an outstanding season.

The Marching Band ended their regular tournament season with a season high score of 87.585! Raising their score by 11.295 points since their first show, they are ranked #16 of 37 competing 1A bands. Congrats to the marching band for their solid performance season.

2017 Marching Band and Guard Roster

Drum Major: Sally Bittinger
Flute: Amariah Morris
Clarinet: Jakob Giron and Tara Durst
Alto Sax: Emily Ness, Logan Mason, and Nathan Reams
Tenor Sax: Olivia Brick  
Baritone Sax: Ronnie Schartiger
Trumpet: Taylor Wertz, Jacob Lowdermilk, and Jacob Glotfelty
Trombone: Evan Beachy
Euphonium: Asa King and Olivia Bonitz
Tuba: Cheyenne Garrett and Carder Stakem
Snare Drum: Caleb Frazee and Derek Skidmore
Quint-Toms: Dawson Beitzel
Bass Drum & Aux Perc.: Jacob Green, Evan Sechler, Chris McDonald,  Jacob Frazee, and Tahnka Tillson
Percussion Pit: Stefan Hoffmann, Clay Frazee, and Jaylyn Wilt
Guard: Cheyenne Bagley, Sammi Gank, Jasmine Beitzel, Riley Zang, Lindsey Skidmore, Hailee Watkins, and Kylie Upole
Dawson Beitzel     Olivia Bonitz  Cheyenne Garrett      Ronnie SchartigerEthan Dyche          Taylor Wertz
Sally Bittinger     Stefan Hoffmann      Band Performing during Homecoming