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Stronger Than Ever
Garrett County Public Schools 2021-2022
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School Improvement Plan

Garrett County Public Schools Improvement Plan

The mission of Garrett County Public Schools, in partnership with our community, is to inspire and foster student growth by providing rigorous instruction and learning opportunities, sustaining a culture of excellence, and preparing our students for life in an ever-changing world.
  • All students will be challenged with a rigorous instructional environment preparing them to become life-long learners and responsible citizens.
  • Partnerships with all members of our community will be fostered and strengthened by engaging them in the education of our children.
  • All students and staff will learn in a safe, secure, and caring environment where everyone is valued and respected.
  • Every department and school will be a good steward of system resources and will manage them in a cost-effective manner.
  • All employees will be highly qualified and effective in their jobs contributing to a self-renewing organization.
We work toward achieving our mission through the School Improvement Plan (SIP). The process of Improvement Planning in Garrett County Public Schools is a systematic, on-going cycle involving planning, implementation, evaluation, and renewal of school and district improvement activities to meet local and statewide goals and priorities. The process focuses school and district improvement efforts on student needs by bringing together all stakeholders to plan for improvement; by focusing planning efforts on priority needs and closing achievement gaps between subgroups of students; by building upon school and district capacity for high quality planning; and by making connections between the funds that flow into the district and the priority needs in schools. Each school's plans for improvement are based on:
  • a comprehensive analysis of school data (Collection of data from multiple sources including, but not limited to student achievement, student growth, climate, attendance, human capital, discipline, focus group surveys, and observations;
  • a root cause analysis of all data to identify the root causes of challenges in identified content areas, grade levels, subgroups, and overarching programs;
  • identification of priority needs;
  • development of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART goals);
  • at least one (1) evidence-based strategy for each goal. Strategies are action plans that must align with and support goals that focus on providing opportunities for all students to meet the state's academic achievement standards;
  • at least one (1) action step for each strategy. Action steps are specific tasks that must be developed with the purpose of implementing the strategies within the plan. These action steps will include the benchmark for monitoring progress, person responsible for implementation, and estimated date of completion, and may include the funding sources to be used to support the action step.