Northern Garrett

High School

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Faculty And Staff

Main Office

Mr. Maddy

Mr. Hummel
Assistant Principal

Ms. Dom
Administrative Secretary

Ms. Bittinger
School Secretary

Ms. Aiken
School Nurse


Counseling Center

Ms. Shirko
School Counselor (L-Z)

Ms. Hutcheson
School Counselor (A-K)

Ms. Ahern
Counseling Center Administrative Secretary & Registrar

Student Support

Ms. Ray
Dropout Prevention Coordinator, Schools to Careers Coordinator

School Resource Officer



Faculty Department
Mr. Beachy Special Education
Ms. Biggs Special Education Assistant
Mr. Callis English
Mr. Carr Physical Education
Ms. Deem Math
Mr. Dewitt VSST Assistant
Ms. Fleming English
Ms. Garlitz Social Studies
Ms. Glass Science
Ms. Graham World Languages
Ms. Harvey Math
Mr. Hinebaugh English
Ms. Hoover Vision Teacher/Special Education
Mr. Hostetler Math
Ms. Kenyon-Sisler Science
Mr. Kirchner Electronics
Ms. Kirchner Math
Ms. Logan Social Studies
Ms. Love Math
Ms. Meekins CTE/Science
Ms. Miller Physical Education
Mr. Moranduzzo Automotive
Mr. Nazelrod Science
Mr. Nicklin Social Studies
Mr. Opel Social Studies
Mr. Paxton Art
Ms. Pitman  
Ms. Powell Allied Health
Mr. Price Science
Mr. Rizzo Special Education
Ms. Roller Media
Ms. Ruane Special Education Assistant
Mr. Salisbury Music
Ms. Savage World Languages
Mr. Sisler Machine Tool
Ms. Theriot English
Ms. Umbel Special Education Assistant
Ms. Virts Theater
Ms. Walker Computer Science
Mr. Willaman Business
Mr. Yoder Special Education
Ms. Yost Agriculture