Southern Garrett Middle Science Fair Held May 10, 2022

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 at 10:01am

Southern Garrett Middle School held its annual Science Fair on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Students presented a variety of subjects to judges, including Biology, Health & Chemistry, Behavioral Science, Consumer Science, Environmental Science, and Engineering & Physics. They were required to research and present the findings on their chosen subject to a panel of guest judges. This included a question, hypothesis, variables, materials used, procedure, results, and their conclusions. In the end, judges selected the following students for the top honors in each category:

Biology, Health & Chemistry

1st - Carly Lawson - “Dancer vs. Non-Dancer”
2nd - Michael Lantz - “Think Fast”
3rd - Emelee Parks - “Benefits of Exercise”

Behavioral Science

1st - Bella Dijack - “How Color Affects Memory”
2nd - Arya Teets - “The Brain Rewired”
3rd - Sydney Skipper - “Do Age & Gender Affect Memory?”

Consumer Science

1st - Cameron Wright - “Flour in Cookies”
2nd - Cadence Natividad - “Is It Worth It?”
3rd - Ava Witt - “Battle of the Brands”
HM - Ellie Williams - “How Permanent Are Permanent Markers?”

Environmental Science

1st - Lani Daugherty - “Soil Erosion”
2nd - Maelee Hershman - “Grass Seed Growth”
3rd - Ranae Harvey - “Most Beneficial Manure”

Engineering & Physics

1st - Jaxon Glotfelty - “Concrete Strength”
2nd - Jakob Stone - “What Affects a Tennis Ball’s Bounce”
3rd - Braelyn Zimmerman - “The Pressure’s On”

Grand Prize Winner: Lani Daugherty “Soil Erosion”

Image of Lani Daugherty holding Grand Prize ribbon in front of her science fair display.

Congratulations to everyone on a successful event. Special thanks go out to our guest judges and Ms. Ardra Sharpless for organizing the event.

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