GCPS Reminds Parents and the Community of the First Day of School for Students

Last Updated on Sep 6, 2021 at 10:19pm

The first day of school for the students of Garrett County Public Schools is Tuesday, September 7. There will be a 3-hour early student dismissal on the first day.
Don’t forget our buses are running! Please use the utmost caution as students enter and exit the bus or are waiting for the bus to arrive. Please remember, Maryland law requires drivers to stop for school buses when the buses engage flashing red lights. Drivers may not be able to see every child after he or she exits the bus, so proceed slowly until you are clear of the bus and pedestrians.
Are you unsure of the bus information for your address?
Bus information may be found at the following website. Please use the link to determine the bus route, stop time, and location for your address. The site shows the schools assigned to your address. Scheduled bus service appears below the school. Click on the appropriate listing to see a map of the area for the chosen stop.

  • Enter your street number and street name – You do not have to enter the school, grade, or zip code
  • Click on the "Search" Tab
  • Bus stop location and time will appear.
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