Friendville School's PEP Assembly for April 2019

Last Updated on May 13, 2019 at 2:40pm

Friendsville Elementary School recently held its PEP Assembly for the month of April. Students were recognized for Students of the Month (Respect and Courtesy), On the Right Track, and a Math award. Students receiving the math award also receive a free personal pizza from Good to Go Marathon.
April 2019 Math awards at Friendsville Elementary School.
Math Awards:
Front (L-R): Tanner Artice, Abigail Artice, Liam Bell, and Levi Wilburn
Back (L-R): Eddie the Eagle, Emma Reed, Barclay Smith, and Coy Mayle
April 2019 On the Right Track awards at Friendsville Elementary School.
On the Right Track Awards:
Front (L-R): Noah Yoder, Kasey Younkin, Emmett Hummel, and Nathan "Junior" Stephens
Back (L-R): Eddie the Eagle, Logan Olinzock, Lorenzo McMarliln, and Morgan Gittere
April 2019 Students of the Month awards at Friendsville Elementary School.
Students of the Month Awards:
Front (L-R): Riley Loewendick, Darren Baker, Kevin Crisostomo-Trinidad
Back (L-R): Eddie the Eagle, Camilya Burley, Chasidy Savage, Jeremiah Decker, and Weston McCarty
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