GCPS Distribution of Materials Procedure Revised

Last Updated on Aug 7, 2018 at 7:55am

Garrett County Public Schools recently revised Procedure #KHC: Distribution of Materials. This procedure pertains to materials distributed via the schools by non-profit organizations.
Garrett County Public Schools, and any school-sponsored groups, including Parent Teacher Organizations, can distribute materials and publications via the schools anytime during the school year.
The following are approved organizations that collaborate with the school system for educational purposes. These approved organizations may distribute materials and publications at any time during the academic year without being subject to the approval procedure via school information tables and/or backpacks:
  • Garrett County Health Department,
  • Garrett County Community Action Committee (Judy Center, Head Start),
  • Local Management Board,
  • Garrett College,
  • Garrett Regional Medical Center.
Other non-profit organizations, groups, or persons not listed above who wish to distribute publications on school property may distribute materials and publications at any time of the year, but must abide by the approval process. The non-profit organization must: 1) complete a Distribution of Materials Request Form, 2) place the following Board of Education Disclaimer Statement on all materials to be distributed via the schools: “These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Board of Education of Garrett County, the Garrett County Public Schools, or any agents thereof. See Board Policy and Procedure KHC.”, and 3) send the completed Distribution of Materials Request Form to the Public Information Office at least 20 days in advance, along with the flyer/material (including the disclaimer statement) to be distributed. Once received, the approval process will be initiated. If the publication is approved, the material will be available for students to pick up via designated school information tables only. The organization is responsible to submit the approved paperwork and material to the schools at which it would like the publication to be distributed. The Distribution of Materials Request Form can be accessed at: https://www.garrettcountyschools.org/resources/public-information/pdf/KHC-Distribution-of-Materials-Request-Form-07-17-18-Web-Accessible.pdf
Birthday invitations will be approved by the school administration to be distributed to specified students. Birthday invitations will need the above disclaimer statement placed on them before distribution.
For more information regarding distribution of materials in Garrett County Public Schools, please visit the school system’s website at https://www.garrettcountyschools.org/public-information/distribution-of-materials or BoardDocs at https://www.boarddocs.com/mabe/garrett/Board.nsf/Public# .
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