Garrett County Public Schools - 2018-19 Calendar

Last Updated on Feb 16, 2018 at 12:51pm

Garrett County Public Schools has released the 2018-19 school calendar.  At February’s Garrett County Board of Education meeting, the Board voted for a Pre-Labor Day start of school for students. In September 2016, Governor Hogan issued an Executive Order mandating schools to start after Labor Day in Maryland and finish by June 15.  However, his Executive Order allows for school systems to request a waiver to start before Labor Day if certain stipulations are met.

A waiver request will be submitted to the Maryland State Board of Education for a Pre-Labor Day 2018-19 start and will await approval.  To be eligible for a waiver, local Board must demonstrate that the school system has met all requirements for at least one compelling justification and has conducted at least one public meeting at which the waiver application was considered and approved. The local Board has demonstrated that Garrett County Public Schools met the requirements for the compelling justification of emergency school closing. Additionally, the local Board provided evidence of having a public meeting on February 13, 2018 to consider and approve the waiver request. This waiver applies to the 2018-2019 school year only and does not exempt the school system from adhering to the requirements set forth in Education Article §7-103 and Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.03.02.12 and 13A.02.01.04.


Several highlights of the 2018-19 school calendar are:

Tuesday, August 21:  First day for teachers

Monday, August 27: First day of school for students.

Friday, October 12:  Schools closed for Autumn Glory

November 22-23:  Thanksgiving break

December 24-January 1:  Winter break

Monday, January 21:  Schools closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Monday, February 18:  Schools closed for Presidents’ Day

April 19 and 22: Schools closed for Easter break

Monday, May 27: Schools closed for Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 29:  Three hour early dismissal for students

Thursday, May 30:  Last day of school for students – 3 hour early dismissal

Friday, May 31:  Last day for teachers


There are 10 makeup days included in the calendar:  February 18 (with state approval), April 22 (with state approval), May 31, June 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11.


The 2018-19 school calendar can be viewed on the school system’s website at:

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