Broad Ford Elementary School Wellness Team Awarded Mini-Grant

Last Updated on Jan 24, 2018 at 9:49am |

The Broad Ford Elementary School Wellness Team was one of the three schools in Garrett County to apply and awarded a mini-grant after developing a detailed plan for its wellness initiative for the year. Some grant funding was used for indoor recess supplies and equipment for every grade level from PK through 5th grade:  indoor bowling and basketball equipment, stationary desk cycles, and over 20 games that focus on proprioception for younger ages and strategy/logical reasoning and critical thinking skills for older students.

Broad Ford School's Wellness Team award a mini-grant for equipment and supplies.

Pictured with some of the equipment are:

Front row:  Brooklynn Coleman, Kevin Beeman, Keegan Liller, and Harley Eichorn.

Middle row:  Kendra Reams, Cole Parks, Brody White, Kara Opfer, Kyle Witt, and Harper Farrell.

Back row:  Autumn Custer, Aydin Nice, Seth Durst, and Brayden Upole.







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