Northern Middle School Student Council Raises Money for Hurricane Victims

Last Updated on Sep 22, 2017 at 3:13pm

Northern Middle School’s student council is proud to send a check for $1,812 to the Red Cross in support of hurricane victims. A private donor matched the $906 collected by the students. Sixth grader Hailey Wildesen said, “I brought a donation because I really wanted to help the people who were suffering and in need.”

"Patriot Day is an opportunity to remember the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives and an opportunity to honor those who bravely risked their own lives to save others. Our students raised money to show their patriotic support for those Americans in need," said Dave Yoder, Principal.

Northern Middle School student council raises money for hurricane victims.Pictured are the 8th grade student council members and officers:

Front: Destiny Ritchie, Abby Weimer, Kendall Holliday, Emily Durst, Alexandra Crayton (treasurer)

Middle: Sara Huelskamp (treasurer), Sophia Maust (president), Riley O'Neal (vice president), Jackie Jacobs, Brenna Ross, Daphne Harman, Ava Rankin (secretary

Back: Chase Taylor, Jeff Eyeler
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