Project Lead the Way Biomedical Program Capstone Presentations

Last Updated on May 27, 2017 at 12:40pm

Garrett County Public Schools will be graduating the first Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science program completers this school year. The program which was implemented in 2014 is a four course sequence that is specifically designed to provide students with hands-on experience which might lead to careers in health, medicine, science, and other related professions. The courses are Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, and Biomedical Innovations. Instructors must be specifically trained and certified in order to be able to deliver the PLTW content.

Both Southern and Northern high schools implemented PLTW Biomed in 2014. Five teachers between the two schools have been trained in content delivery which is course specific. Instructors at Northern High School include Mr. Brian Price, Mrs. Kista Powell, and Mrs. Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler while Southern High School instructors include Ms. Diana Marks and Mrs. Brenda Strosnider. Both courses recently received full certification from MSDE and PLTW during recent site visits from both organizations. The program is supported county-wide by a program advisory committee consisting of various professionals from the county and region who help in the implementation and support the students and the program.

At the end of the first 3 courses, students take an electronically delivered “end of course” assessment or EOC. Satisfactory scores on the EOCs can enable students to gain college credits in a similar fashion as do Advanced Placement courses. However, each institution of higher education has varying requirements so students should research their intended schools with respect to such specific information.

In the culminating course, a capstone project is completed by students which may include an intense shadowing experience and reflection, a project on a particular aspect of health, science, or medicine, a biomedical innovation, or another similar type of individual project. This year, students at NHS presented their projects during the school day while SHS students presented during the evening with a reception following presentations.

Photo of six Southern High School students at Capstone Project presentations.

Southern High School Project Lead the Way Capstone Presenters May 24, 2017 Southern High School Media Center

Nearly one-third of the students in Garrett County Public Schools will be enrolled in a PLTW Biomedical course in the coming school year! The popularity of the courses stems from the relevant, hands-on application of knowledge as well as the self-directed, group-based learning management system employed in the courses. Thanks are extended to Dr. Janet Wilson, former Superintendent and the Garrett County Board of Education as well as to Ms. Barbara Baker, current Superintendent, Mr. Paul Edwards, Ms. Y. Michelle Harman, and other members of administration and supervision for their support of the Project Lead the Way Biomedical Program. Special thanks to the instructors and students for implementation of the program and the subsequent success.

Photo of Northern students who completed PLTW Biomed Capstone Projects

Northern High School Project Lead the Way Capstone Presenters May 25, 2017 Northern High School Media Center

For more information about this or any other middle/high school programs, please contact the office of Secondary Education at 301-334-8913.

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