Middle School Students Attend SCITECH DAYS!

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Students from Northern and Southern MIddle Schools, through the generous support of The Carnegie Science Center and GCPS teachers, had the privilege of attending this fall's SCITECH DAYS on November 1 and November 2, 2016.  Admission for each student and adult was covered through "scholarships" provided by the Science Center.  Students and chaperones could select one program and one workshops in which to participate as well as having access to all levels of the Science Center and SportWorks.  
According to the Carnegie Science Center, "SciTech Days are a special kind of field trip that features the growth areas of Pittsburgh: biotech & health, nanotechnology & advanced materials/processes, information technology & robotics, and eco tech (think environment & energy). It also connects visitors with leading scientists and technologists in a fun, dynamic atmosphere.  This hands-on event allows you to register middle and high school students for cutting-edge workshops and featured programs, as well as explore interactive exhibits from leading STEM companies and higher education organizations.  All programming is linked to the Next Generation Science Standards."
SciTech programming is designed to offer a diverse and broad range of topics.   Programs emphasize:
  • Cross-curricular learning and the intersections of fields, such as science and art or science and politics.
  • Real-world connections and corporate connections encouraging citizen decision-making and civic engagement.
  • Career awareness and college and career-readiness skills, such as project-based learning, teamwork, and critical thinking.
Throughout the center, exhibitors from a wide range of STEM fields provided interactive displays for students to visit.  Scientists, researchers, engineers, geologists, and many other professionals from STEM fields spoke with students as they visited exhibit booths. Glassblowers connected their art to the chemistry behind glassblowing as other artists connected fine arts to STEM.  
Video courtesy of Mrs. Ali Schilpp, Media Specialist, Northern Middle School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PraQer_u-Fk.
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