Successful Recycling Program at Northern Middle School

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Under the direction of Ms. Amy Rowan, the Green School Team at Northern Middle held a month long magazine recycling drive and collected 5,625 magazines in that short time frame. Mr. Rice's homeroom collected the most magazines (2,013) with Mrs. Peddicord's homeroom coming very close to that total (1,603).

Garrett County Solid Waste and Recycling collected the magazines for the school. This was a successful school wide effort to keep garbage out of the landfill and help the environment.

       Jack Burdock, 7th grade teacher; Richard Stevens, Assistant Principal; Amy Rowan,
       Green School Coordinator and 7th grade teacher.

       Ms. Amy Rowan with students from the Northern Middle School Green School Team.
       Seated Front Row- Kiera Suter, Rebecca Hose, Emily Cuppett, Tyler Griffin,
           Cameron McClintock, Kandice Ford, Ajai Warnick
       Back - Brodey Albright, Amy Rowan, Nick DeWitt, Bradley Albright,
           Payton Julio, and Kyra Martin.