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Last Updated on Jun 11, 2015 at 2:50pm

Mike Warne, Content Specialist Teacher at Yough Glades Elementary School, is featured in “Thank a Teacher” on Solution Tree’s website. Solution Tree, Inc. honors extraordinary, outstanding, and remarkable teachers who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of students.

For this distinction, he has been chosen for a National Ad Campaign as a teacher representing the state of Maryland. The Solution Tree, Inc. ad will appear in an upcoming issue of "Education Week".

The following is the recognition for Mr. Warne from Solution Tree, Inc. website: http://www.solution-tree.com/heroes#prettyPhoto. On this site, the public may address a personal “thank you” directly to Mr. Warne.
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Mike Warne, Garrett County Public Schools, Maryland

Mike Warne dreamed of being a teacher for as long as he can remember. “My dad was an elementary teacher, and I just kind of knew that was what I wanted to do,” Mike explained. Now, after 19 years as an educator, he’s still just as passionate as ever about teaching. “Every teacher wants their students’ futures to be bright and filled with success,” said Mike. “And we hope that we—in some way or another—contributed to that success.”
He has spent the majority of his career teaching math in grades 1–5 and has been a content specialist for the past two years. When asked about his favorite part of teaching, he explained, “Elementary kids are like sponges. They love to learn, and they show a great deal of respect for their teachers.”

Mike has also spent a large part of his career advancing STEM education at his school and has facilitated math and science activities for students for more than 15 years. “We have STEM nights where the students and parents come to the school and build and test different projects,” said Mike. “Probably my most rewarding memory is of a group of students who started doing these activities in third grade. Once they were in middle school, they asked me if they could continue doing the activities. I told them no, but that they could come help me in the evenings. One of the students graduated high school a year ago, and he still shows up every evening to help.”
Mike Warne in ad for Education Week

Above is the national ad for "Education Week"
Recently, Mike started working with a group of gifted and talented students, focusing on computer coding. “I got the students started, and now they are building and playing their own games that they have created,” Mike explained. But his passion for sharing his tech knowledge doesn’t stop with his students. He is also dedicated to helping his colleagues. “I truly believe that teachers will take chances with technology as long as they know they have someone to inspire them and assist when needed.”

Mike emphasizes that his career success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his administrators and colleagues. “I was fortunate to have some amazing mentors at the very beginning of my career,” he said. “I started working with a third-grade teacher named Mary Lynn Bosley. She guided and taught me more than I can ever thank her for. And my older sister, Lori Burdock, who is also a teacher, has always been there for support and new ideas. In general, I have worked with an amazing group of people who inspire me, and the students, every day.”

Congratulations and thank you to Mike, this issue’s featured teacher.
Source: Solution Tree, Inc. http://www.solution-tree.com/
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