Maryland Council on Economic Education Announces Spring 2015 Stock Market GameTM Winners from Garrett County

Last Updated on May 5, 2015 at 2:40pm

The Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving economic and financial literacy in the state’s schools, grades K-12, announced the winning high school teams of the Spring 2015 Stock Market Game™ (SMG).
MCEE has been offering SMG since its founding in 1977. In the first year there were 26 teams; however, by 2014, 1,775 teams participated in the Fall and Year-Long teams for a total of 7,450 students and 184 teachers. SMG is an educational simulation that teaches about the stock market, the American economic system, and the global economy. Using personal computers and iPads at school, and supervised by a teacher trained by MCEE, SMG participants apply skills in mathematics, language arts, research, and critical thinking, while building and maintaining a stock portfolio. Mrs. Lisa Bender and Mrs. Athena Wilson are the locally MCEE trained teachers using the SMG in their classrooms.
“We’re not teaching the students how to make money in 10 weeks, but rather how to become smart, lifelong investors,” said Dr. Allen Cox, MCEE’s Stock Market Game coordinator. “The Stock Market Game plants the seed for them to figure out there’s a whole world out there and how it affects their portfolio – because it really does. This simulation is not about making or losing money, but about thinking critically about the transactions the teams choose to make and being able to explain and support their choices.”
Each team is made up of three to six students and is given a theoretical $100,000 to invest in common stocks. The game lasts 10 weeks and during this time the team works together to manage their portfolio and create a successful investment management strategy.
Thirty-six teams at Southern Garrett High School, coached by Wilson and Bender, participated in the competition and managed to account for 15 of the top 20 teams in the 82-team Region with 42 of the participating students obtaining that honor! First United Bank & Trust has sponsored the game at Southern High School and Rob Sharps, Senior Investment Executive, has served as the financial advisor for over 20 years. Garrett County students make quite an impact in the Western Region and over the years that participation has produced multiple winners not only at the Regional level but also the State level.
The Regional winners of the Spring 2015 Stock Market Game™ are:
1st Place—Jocelyn Reckart and Nina Hillen
3rd Place—Falisha Arnold, Emily Tichnell, and Alexandra Butina
5th Place—Clayton Norman, Robbie Browning, and Connor Bosley
6th Place—Alexis Sharpless, Natasha Friend, and Raymond McGehee
8th Place—Seth Adams, Quinn McClean, and Corey Upole
9th Place—Lillian Dunn, Alyssa Bahner, and Taylor Bolyard
10th Place—Coy Riggleman and Alex Corby
11th Place—Destiny Jackson, Mia Gank, Leann Beachy
12th Place—Jack McGehee, Brant Miller, Trenton Rinker
13th Place—Courtney Sanders, Matthew Thomas, Brent Wright
14th Place—Summer Gordon, Diamond Ervin, Brandon Bowman
15th Place—Brian Reams and Devan Hamrick
16th Place—Ann Florence Layman and Lauryn Glotfelty
17th Place—Grace Ingram, Zack Harvey, Adam Homberg, Devin Landers
20th Place—Lilly Tasker, Katie O’Brien, Holly Deem
For over 60 years, the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE) has worked to assure that Maryland’s school children leave high school equipped with the economic and financial literacy knowledge and decision-making skills they will need to make informed, rational decisions as consumers, workers, citizens, savers, investors, and participants in the global economy. MCEE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. More information concerning the Stock Market Game can be obtained from Lisa Bender or Athena Wilson at Southern Garrett High School; or Rob Sharps at First United Investments, who has sponsored the game locally since its inception in Garrett County.
Students participating in Stock Market Game.

Row 1: Regional Winners Jocelyn Reckart and Nina Hillen, and Mrs. Wilson
Row 2: Mr. Rob Sharps, Anna-Florence Layman, Falisha Arnold, Lauryn Glotfelty, Alexandra Butina, and Emily Tichnell.
Row 3: Cory Upole, Connor Bosley, Coy Riggleman, and Alex Corby.
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