Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler Named 2015-16 Garrett County Teacher of the Year

Last Updated on Mar 25, 2015 at 2:26pm

Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler, teacher at Northern Garrett High School, has been named the 2015-16 Garrett County Teacher of the Year. Rebecca teaches biology and environmental science at Northern High School. She has been employed by Garrett County Public Schools since 2003, teaching 8th grade science at Northern Middle School for two years before accepting her current position at Northern.

Rebecca graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies (Biology and General Science emphasis) and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education. Rebecca indicated, “As a high school teacher, I believe that the most important strategy I can teach my students is how to make choices that are beneficial for themselves and those around them. No matter what aspirations children have, they cannot be happy, contributing members of society if they do not have the ability to collect information, think about potential consequences, and make informed decisions.”

Rebecca’s other key attributes are: a member of the Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education; member of the Maryland Association of Science Teachers; a new teacher mentor; participant in the Maryland DNR Explore and Restore Your SchoolShed Program; coordinator of Northern High School’s Green School; participant in Biology Governor’s Academy; member of the Garrett County Environmental Literacy Plan Development Committee; participant in the Chesapeake Teacher Research Fellowship; National Board for Professional Standards Certification; and co-author of “Cove Run Stream Restoration”, an article which will appear in the spring edition of Maryland Natural Resources magazine.

Rebecca stated, “My personal teaching style is student-centered and inquiry-based. It is extremely important to me that my students know where to find unbiased information about a topic, how to collect reliable data, and use the best methods for effectively communicating what they have discovered. I want my students to be ‘doing’ science each day rather than simply ‘learning’ it.”

As Rebecca considers the state of education, she stated, “My message to fellow educators would be to remember and take pride in the fact that not everyone has the ability to do what you do – teach effectively and compassionately. You have spent countless hours honing your skills and will undoubtedly spend countless more reflecting upon and refining what you do in the classroom. My message to the community would be to remember how important effective teachers are and to realize that teaching takes skill, hard work, passion, and patience. As teachers, we have celebrated many successes, but we also realize that there are still many challenges to overcome.”

Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler Named 2015-16 Garrett County Teacher of the Year

Pictured in the photo are: Matt Eggleston, Northern High School Vice-Principal; Barbara Baker, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services and Coordinator of the Teacher of the Year Program; Rebecca Kenyon-Sisler, Teacher of the Year; and Paul Edwards, Director of Secondary Education.
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