Health Materials on Display for Review

Last Updated on Feb 11, 2015 at 1:10pm

Proposed new health curriculum materials for elementary school students are on display for review by the general public on the first floor of the Central Office.
A Health Advisory Committee meeting was held on January 21, 2015.  At the meeting, elementary guidance counselors brought forth proposed new materials, as the previous resources are outdated. The following materials are available for review:

“Talking About Touching:  A Personal Safety Curriculum”:
This includes 2 kits, one for PK-K and one for grades 1-3.

“Sexual Abuse:  It's Not Your Fault”:
This is a video with supplemental materials for students and parents.  It is recommended for grades 2-5.
There are also talking points and follow-up activities with these materials.  The proposed materials would be shared through the safety programs, which is part of the health curriculum. Counselors conduct these lessons with students in collaboration with classroom teachers.
The materials will be on display for review for one month, until the next Board meeting on March 24, 2015.
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