Mountain Maryland Youth Leadership Summit

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Frostburg, Dec. 9 — Student teams from Grantsville Elementary and Route 40 Elementary
School were chosen to participate this week in the First Mountain Maryland Youth Leadership
The Summit is part of a national service-learning youth leadership development program conducted
by Bonstingl Leadership Development Worldwide, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland.
John Jay Bonstingl, creator of the internationally-acclaimed program, has said how delighted he is
to bring his program to Mountain Maryland. Candy Maust, principal of Route 40 Elementary School,
is equally delighted, saying, “This Bonstingl Youth Leadership Summit provides an opportunity for
students to refine their innate abilities and make improvements in their schools while learning
valuable leadership skills.”
The program is based on Mr. Bonstingl’s research for his international best-selling book Schools of
Quality (more than a quarter-million copies in print in several languages) and his 17 years’
experience as a classroom teacher. Mr. Bonstingl has taken this program to schools across the
USA as well as overseas (Nepal, India, Brazil).
Each of the student teams creates an original service-learning project. The projects must be
approved by their principal, they should cost nothing complete, and they must be finished within the
next 6 weeks. Team projects focus on making their schools safer, greener, more welcoming, and
more conducive for everyone to succeed.
Student teams presented their ideas to an Expert Panel, including Garrett County Commissioner
Paul Edwards; Dr. Phil Lauver, supervisor of student services; Eric Guthrie from Pillar
Innovations; Jan Russell, owner of Savage River Lodge; Debbie Daniels from Edgewood Rentals;
Mark Greenwald, Lonaconing’s police commissioner; and Nicole Miller, principal of Grantsville
Elementary School.
Mark Greenwald is enthusiastic about Mr. Bonstingl’s program. “It's always important for young
people today to learn leadership skills, and while doing so, gain confidence and self-worth that will
carry them throughout their lives.”
Commissioner Paul Edwards was just as enthusiastic: “This was such a great experience! It was
very impressive to see young people be able to come up with such innovative and well-thought-out
projects that benefit the entire school -- and then to be able to present it so well in front of the
committee. These students were very impressive!”
Fifth grade student Trinity Friend said, “This Summit has really helped me develop into a better
leader with the fun activities and group work. I’m looking forward to putting my new abilities to work!”
Fifth grader Camden Friend (no direct relation) added, “This program has also helped me to be
more responsible and a better leader in teamwork so we can make our great school even better.”
CONTACTS: Candy Maust (301) 689-6132 John Jay Bonstingl (410) 281-1776
Dr. Phil Lauver (301) 334-8900
Here are a few photos of the event:
Commissioner Paul Edwards (far left, holding the
microphone) compliments a student team on their

Lonaconing police commissioner Mark Greenwald
encourages student participants to develop their
personal leadership skills early in life.
One of our third grade teams describes proposed
projects to make their school safer and more
Commissioner Edwards, Dr. Phil Lauver, and Jan
Russell listen to a 4th grade team's presentation.