Middle School Recipe Contest Reminder!!!

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2014 Maryland Middle School 
Recipe Contest 
Living well and having fun starts with being healthy. There are many steps you can take to stay healthy. Along with plenty of activity, eating 
healthy by including whole grains, fruits and vegetables and limiting fats and empty calories is key. 
Join the Maryland Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (M.A.N.D.) in celebrating a new year and good health by entering a recipe contest for Maryland 
Middle Schools. Show off your knowledge of healthy cooking by submitting an original recipe or a modified family recipe that is healthy. 
 The winner receives a Sporting Goods Gift Card up to $200!! 
Contest Rules and Guidelines: 
1. You must be a currently enrolled Middle School student in the state of Maryland. 
2. At least one of your parent(s) or guardian(s) should be aware of your participation. A parent/guardian name and contact number must be 
included on the submission form. 
3. You must submit your entry either by USPS mail (postmark) or email by the deadline of March 15, 2014 @ midnight. Send USPS mail 
entries to: Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, PO Box 212, Severna Park, MD 21146 or Email entries to: 
4. Submit an original recipe or a modified family recipe that demonstrates one or more of the following: a. includes more whole grains, 
b. includes more fruit or vegetables, and/or c. has less fat. If you submit a modified recipe, you must include both the original and modified 
recipes. The healthy recipe should maintain or enhance the taste and look of the final product. Your submission needs to include all the 
ingredients with amounts and preparation directions to be considered. A picture of the finished recipe showing how good it looks will 
improve eligibility! 
5. Complete the submission form and send with your recipe. 
6. The winner will be notified and posted on the M.A.N.D. website, www.eatwellmd.org, on March 31, 2014.