Grades Reported on 4.0 Scale

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2014 at 9:56am

Effective beginning with 2013-2014 school year’s third reporting period, the Garrett County Public Schools will report grades utilizing a 4.0 scale.  The reason for this change is three-fold.  First, many colleges and universities request 4.0 reporting.  Second, scholarship applications generally utilize 4.0 scales. Lastly, the Maryland Longitudinal Data Management System also uses the 4.0 scale.  The scale is based upon the widely-accepted College Board conversion scale.  The 4.0 conversion will occur shortly after second term report cards are released.  Percentages will still be available through Power School and weighted courses will still receive increased values as follows:  AP – 1.0 point, Honors – 0.5 point, and Merit 0.25 point.  For informational purposes, the conversion scale is provided below.
Letter Grade         Percent Grade      4.0 Scale
                 A+          97-100                    4.0
                 A            93-96                      4.0
                 A-           90-92                      3.7
                 B+          87-89                      3.3
                 B            83-86                      3.0
                 B-           80-82                      2.7
                 C+          77-79                      2.3
                 C            73-76                      2.0
                 C-           70-72                      1.7
                 D+          67-69                      1.3
                 D            63-66                      1.0
                 D-           60-62                      0.7
               E/F           Below 60                 0.0
It is our hope to eliminate some tedious calculating that currently takes place and to align our system to those throughout the state and country.  Please direct any questions regarding these changes to the Directors of K-8 and Secondary Education and the Supervisor of College & Career Readiness.
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