SchoolMessenger for the Community

Last Updated on Jan 31, 2014 at 7:55pm

For the last several months, Garrett County Public Schools has been utilizing SchoolMessenger for communications to the parents of our students. We now have the capability to provide these messages to members of the community who do not have students in the system. You will have the option to receive an email, a phone call, and/or a text message.  The Garrett County Public School system uses this tool to communicate school closings and/or delays,  as well as and other emergency information. SchoolMessenger could be very useful for the media outlets, daycare services, businesses, etc.
In order to register for this service, please email .
In the email, please include your Full Name (or business name);
Phone number (if desired);
SMS (text) number (if desired);
Email address (if desired).
Please contact your cell phone provider to learn if you could have possible phone and/or SMS (text) charges in accordance with your cell phone agreement.
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