Last Updated on Jan 16, 2014 at 3:16pm

There have been some questions about the use and/or possession of e-cigarettes.  Since it is not directly written in our Code of Conduct, here is the Garrett County School system’s stance with regard to them:  

E-cigarettes are designed to replace cigarettes in function and also to provide nicotine to the user.  They are regulated by law and are not legal for a person under 18 to purchase.  In accordance with the law and due to the nicotine content, they are not permitted in school.  If found in possession of an e-cigarette, you will receive the same consequences as having tobacco products, such as snuff or cigarettes, which can result in a 3-Day Suspension and Referral to Law Enforcement and the Department of Juvenile Services.
Student Handbook: Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline, Page 34.
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