Dr. Forrester Resigning from the Garrett County Board of Education

Last Updated on Oct 1, 2013 at 9:05pm

Dr.  Donald Forrester is resigning from the Garrett County Board of Education in favor of retirement, effective September 30, 2013.

Dr. Forrester has spent the last 43 years working at various capacities in the field of education.  He  has served as a Garrett County board member for the last six years, and nine months. Prior to that he was the county’s Director of Elementary Education for six years.  He spent one year working with school systems in Preston County, WV, and Allegany County, MD.  He also worked in the education department at Frostburg State University for two years.   Dr. Forrester began his career in Prince George’s County as a teacher for six years, vice principal for 2 years, a principal for 19 years,  and central office administrator for a year.

Dr. Forrester said, “I take great pride in developing a rapport with fellow board members and maintaining the best school district in the state of Maryland.  I also take pleasure in the hiring process of Dr. Janet Wilson, as superintendent of schools in the county.  She will do incredible things for Garrett County.”

“I’m basically retiring because my wife and I?wanted to get started on our ‘bucket list’. ?I had not planned on running for re-election,” said Forrester. “I decided this a fortuitous time to really retire.”  Upon retirement, Forrester and his wife  plan to travel.

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