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Retirees Medicare (Post 65) Insurance

Garrett County URL Link for Retirees Medicare (Post 65)
In order to take advantage of these new options, beginning January 1, 2017, we will be moving medical plan coverage to a private exchange. As a Medicare (Post 65) eligible plan participant or an under age 65 plan participant who is disabled you will be able to select individual healthcare coverage that fits your needs. After December 31, 2016, the current Medicare (Post 65) retiree medical plans offered by UnitedHealthcare through the Garrett County Employees Health Care Plan will no longer be available.
Garrett County Public Schools will be using the link below for retirees over the age of 65 to access SelectQuote Benefits from the County website as referred to in the Intro Letter and the HRA Letter.
Below are a few points when navigating this website:
1. The home page has an orange button “MEDICARE”.  Retires should click that button to access the quote engine.
2. To register for the retiree webinar, click the “Register Now” button in the box in the middle of the page.
3. To access HRA/Taben, there is a menu item at the top of the page “HRA ACCOUNT”.  This links to the log-in page for the Taben Group.
4. Resources Menu item links to Health Matters.  After receiving the HRA letter, the forms will be posted.