Hickory Environmental Education Center

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Hickory Environmental Education Center
604 Pride Parkway
Accident, MD 21520
Phone 301.746.8461
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Hickory Environmental Education Center fulfills the environmental learning requirement for Garrett County public school students. All students in grades K through eight visit Hickory twice each year. High school students in Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physical Science complete lessons at Hickory once each semester.
Hickory arboretum named in honor of Joe Winters
The new additon to the Hickory arboretum was recently completed and the entire area was named the Joseph L Winters Arboretum. Joe was the coordinator at Hickory for 31 years. His love of trees was obvious to the many students that he instructed. The arboretum contains over 70 different species of trees along a new trail for student access.
Joe Winters with new sign