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Hickory Environmental Education Center
604 Pride Parkway
Accident, MD 21520
Phone 301.746.8461
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Hickory Environmental Education Center fulfills the environmental learning requirement for Garrett County public school students. All students in grades preK through eight visit Hickory twice each year. High school students in Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physical Science complete lessons at Hickory once each semester.
Recently, 8th grade students in Mrs. Carri Guthrie's LA class at Southern Middle School traveled to Hickory to meet with State Senator George Edwards. Their goal was to present persuasive letters to him concerning the long tailed salamander. Currently, Maryland does not have a state amphibian. The students researched the salamander and would like to see it become the MD state amphibian. It is found throughout Maryland, including Garrett County. Senator Edwards received the letters, listened to the information about the salamander, and explained the bill to law process to the classes. Stay tuned to see how this item progresses through the state senate. Below are photos from the event.
Students in the planetarium