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Grantsville Elementary School Participates in National Road Festival

Last Updated on May 21, 2018 at 9:09am | Grantsville Elementary School

Grantsville Elementary School celebrated the National Road along side of the Town of Grantsville this month. Students participated in a walking field trip to the historic Casselman Bridge where Ranger Daniel Lewis from the Department of Natural Resources presented the history of the bridge. Students also explored Spruce’s Forest and participated in a fun scavenger hunt while learning about the historic Yoder’s House. Mrs. Regina Holiday, a local artist, visited the school to share colonial attire and take period photography with students. Additionally, Mr. John Hostetler visited with his beautiful horses, Dolly and Jake, and his colonial covered wagon. Mr. Hostetler presented on the Historic Wagon Train sharing with students how people traveled years ago, while also sharing information on horses and how to care for them.
Evan Graham and Dakato Platter at National Road Festival
Pictured: Evan Graham and Dakato Platter
Grantsville students with Mr. Lais, a Potter.
Pictured: Lynn Lais (Potter), Nathan Wakefield, Ryan Yoder, Ella Serebrykov, Gracie Sebold, Sarah Hamilton, Chris Elliott (parent), Charlie Ballon, Devin Durst, Zoe Merrbach
Grantsville students enjoying the National Road Festival.
Pictured: Roselyn Herbaugh Wolfe, Danielle Varchetti, Drew Opel, Jett DeWitt, Jacob Wilburn, Aliviah Brunner
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