Elementary School
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Grantsville Elementary School
120 Grant Street
Grantsville, MD 21536
Phone 301.895.5173
Fax 301.746.8662

Faculty & Staff

Picture of Grantsville Staff


Principal: Dr. Nicole Miller- email:  

Secretary: Mrs. Joyce Rodeheaver- email: 

School Counselor: Mrs. Katy Fresh- email:

School Nurse: Mrs. Melanie Pratt- email:

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers: 
Mrs. Jill Evans and Ms. Heather Mason- emails: and 
Mrs. Kimberly Collins and Mrs. Lindsay Bittner- emails: and  
Mrs. Theresa Durst, Assistant- email:
Kindergarten Teachers: 
Mrs. Kathy Bittinger- email:
Ms. Taylor Ultis- email:
First Grade Teacher:
Mrs. Pamela Pfaff- email:
Second Grade Teachers:
Mrs. Shana Rhoten- email:
Mrs. Shannon Reams- email:

Third Grade Teacher:
Mrs. Kathy McKenzie- email:

Fourth Grade Teacher:
Mrs. Kelli Frantz- email:
Fifth Grade Teacher: 
Mrs. Jennifer Upole- email:
Resource Teachers:
Art: Ms. Kelly Lasher- email:
Music: Mrs. Erin Dettinburn- email:
Physical Education:  Ms. Susan Newton- email:
Special Education Teacher:
Mrs. Rhonda Maust- email:
Behavior Specialist:
Mrs. Corrine Clark- email:
Judy Center Staff: 
Mrs. Carrie Wampler- email:
Mrs. Lisa Michaels- email:
Title 1 Resource Teachers:
Mrs. Tonya Hostetler- email:
Mrs. Kimberly Paul- email:

Speech/Language Therapist:
Mrs. Pam Trautwein- email:

Media Assistant:
Mrs. Angela Swecker-Britton- email:

Mr. Bill Hady, Head Custodian- email:
Mr. Randy Green 
Mr. Stewart Moon
Cafeteria Staff:
Mrs. Denise Blocher, Manager- email:
Mrs. Karen Clevenger- email:
Mrs. Darla Long- email:
Mrs. Heidi Ruggiero: