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SX Dog Park Groundbreaking
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Dog Park Groundbreaking
SX Gifted and Talented
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YG Elementary GT students
Gifted and Talented
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Broad Ford Elementary GT Hold Weekly Genius Hour!

Last Updated on Jan 15, 2016 at 11:11am | Gifted and Talented

Grade 3
-Friday groups are taken for about 45 minutes.  With two GT students, we conduct an extension activity for each reading unit, and one did a creative writing assignment based on interest.  The other student is working on a research project, based on interest.

Grade 4
-The group is taken on Mondays at 2:15.  Students perform:  research, creating games, STEM activities, etc……The MakeyMakey is used in some instances, laptops and kits have been used to support all activities.

Grade 5
-Genius Hour is used in the classrooms.  Genius Hour takes place one day a week during RAMS period.  It is student driven inquiry where the students find something they are passionate about, do some research, create a project, and present it.  The driving question has to be approved by their teacher and the teacher facilitates their learning during this time.  Students can work on this at home as well as at school if desired.  The first project is due Feb.12th.  Computer programs are used to support these lessons.