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Elementary School

Title I Information

Title I is a federal program that provides funding to schools in order to help all disadvantaged children reach the rigorous state academic standards expected of all children. This funding helps our school fund instructional programs, parental involvement opportunities, and program improvement. As a Title I school, we strive to build strong partnerships with parents and students as we work together as equal partners to enhance the academic achievement of all Friendsville Elementary School students.
The following Title I documents can be found below:
Parental Rights Brochure: Parental Rights Brochure
Friendsville Elementary School's Parent Engagement Plan: Parent Engagement Plan
Friendsville Elementary School's Parent/Teacher/Student Compact: Parent/Teacher/Student Compact
Principal Attestation: Principal Attestation
District Title I Brochure: Garrett County Title I Brochure
Title I Parents' Right-to-Know Flyer: Right-to-Know Flyer
District Parent and Family Engagement Plan: District Parent and Family Engagement Plan
2021-22 School Improvement Plan: School Improvement Plan

If you have questions regarding Title I or if you would like additional information about Title I, please contact James Friend, Principal at: 301-746-5100.