September 8, 2020 is the first day of school for the GCPS students.

The GCPS central office will be closed to the public until further notice. Anyone with a question or concern may contact, and you will receive a response.

There have been 52 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Garrett County.

Please continue to check our website and the GCPS Coronavirus Updates page for more information.


Elementary School

Staff Office Hours

Teacher Office Hours Email
Ms. Waldo 1:00-3:00
Ms. Stein 1:00-3:00
Mrs. Clayton 2:00-4:00
Mrs. Garey 1:00-3:00
Ms. Rhodes 9:00-11:00
Ms. Tichnell 1:00-3:00
Mrs. Clevenger 11:00-1:00
Mr. Baker 11:00-1:00
Mrs. Riddle 1:00-3:00
Ms. Fresh 10:00-12:00
Mrs. Mayle 1:00-3:00