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Katy Fresh

School Counselor, Friendsville Elementary School

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School Counseling

As the School Counselor, my role is to provide a supportive program for all students in order to help them achieve success in school and in life. In doing this, I work closely with administration, teachers, school nurse, parents, school secretary, and the community. It truly does take a village and all who work in and with the school can contribute to that. My overall goal is to help students become confident, independent thinkers and doers academically, socially, and personally.
I provide weekly lessons in every classroom covering a wide range of topics such as social skills, resiliency, career exploration, coping with change, diversity, friendship, self worth, middle school transition, and safety skills. I also provide opportunities for group work on issues such as friendship, behavior, and academic success. I am available also for brief individual counseling for any issue that may come up for a student including, but not limited to grief/loss, family changes, self-esteem, behavior, etc. Students can request to talk with me any time. Parents and all school staff can also request that I meet with a student. If further therapy is needed for any student, I make the appropriate referrals.
I’ve been the school counselor at Friendsville Elementary School for 21 years. During that time, many things have changed in education. One thing remains the same….no significant learning can take place without meaningful relationships. That is my wish for all the students at Friendsville.