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Friendsville Elementary PEP Assembly for May 2021

Last Updated on Jun 3, 2021 at 9:13am | Friendsville Elementary School

Friendsville Elementary recently held its Virtual PEP Assembly for the month of May 2021. Students were recognized for Student of the Month (Cooperation and Teamwork) and a SOARing Eagle award. All students receiving an award also received a free personal pizza from Good to Go Exxon located in Friendsville, MD.
Friendsville School's Students of the Month for May 2021
Student of the Month:
Top (L-R): Brynlee Sines, Ian Lowdermilk, Chase Doerr, and Emmett Hummel
Bottom (L-R): Kinley Humberson, Sarah Mager, and Payton Yoder
Friendsville School's SOARing Eagles for May 2021
SOARing Eagle:
Top (L-R): Emery Sharp, Novalee Schmidt, Nathan Stephens, and Abigail Artice
Bottom (L-R): Adin Ditmore, Shellie Whitesel, and Bailey Tichinel
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