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Friendville School's PEP Assembly for April 2019

Last Updated on May 13, 2019 at 2:40pm | Friendsville Elementary School

Friendsville Elementary School recently held its PEP Assembly for the month of April. Students were recognized for Students of the Month (Respect and Courtesy), On the Right Track, and a Math award. Students receiving the math award also receive a free personal pizza from Good to Go Marathon.
April 2019 Math awards at Friendsville Elementary School.
Math Awards:
Front (L-R): Tanner Artice, Abigail Artice, Liam Bell, and Levi Wilburn
Back (L-R): Eddie the Eagle, Emma Reed, Barclay Smith, and Coy Mayle
April 2019 On the Right Track awards at Friendsville Elementary School.
On the Right Track Awards:
Front (L-R): Noah Yoder, Kasey Younkin, Emmett Hummel, and Nathan "Junior" Stephens
Back (L-R): Eddie the Eagle, Logan Olinzock, Lorenzo McMarliln, and Morgan Gittere
April 2019 Students of the Month awards at Friendsville Elementary School.
Students of the Month Awards:
Front (L-R): Riley Loewendick, Darren Baker, Kevin Crisostomo-Trinidad
Back (L-R): Eddie the Eagle, Camilya Burley, Chasidy Savage, Jeremiah Decker, and Weston McCarty
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