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Friendsville Elementary School Donates Supplies to a Classroom in Texas

Last Updated on Sep 26, 2017 at 9:09am | Friendsville Elementary School

Many schools have been flooded and sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey. The teachers in these schools have poured love and effort into making their classrooms a safe learning space for their students, and now many have lost all of that. Friendsville Elementary School collected needed supplies to donate to a classroom in Texas so that those students will be prepared for when they are able to return to the classroom. A huge and overwhelming THANK YOU goes out to everyone donating items to help with this cause. It is an amazing thing to watch people come together like this!

Friendsville Elementary students donate to classroom in Texas

Pictured (left-right) is Mrs. Clevenger's third grade class.

Front: Ainsley McHenry-Sorber, Jeremiah Decker, Barclay Smith, and Madi King.

Middle: Paizley Gonzales, Madeline Clevenger, Emilee Bowman, Emily Wilburn, Matthew Younkin, Lorenzo McMarlin, Ella Sines, Atlas Holman, and Kylie Taylor

Back: Deggan Sharp, Alex Cosner, Jordyn Beiler, Chase Fike, Erica Mager, Christopher Suter, and Mrs. Clevenger.

Supplies donated to classroom in Texas

Supplies boxes and ready for students in Texas.

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