Elementary School


Principal - James Friend

Secretary - Lori Schmidt

Pre-Kindergarten - Karla Waldo

Kindergarten - Brittany Stein

First Grade - Chris Baker

Second Grade - Emily Hughes

Third Grade - Michele Clevenger

Fourth Grade - Whitney Rhodes

Fifth Grade - Meredith Pagenhardt

Academic Intervention - Judy Livengood

Assistants - Pam Humberson, Karen South, and Melissa Eyler

Art - Melinda Bishoff

Physical Education - Gale Keller

Music/Band/Chorus - Debi Beachy

Special Education - Amy Snyder

Head Start - Stephanie Mayle

Media - Stephanie Hummel

Guidance Counselor - Katy Fresh

Custodial Staff - Larry Carr and Russell Thomas

Cafeteria Staff - Tammy Savage and Brenda Umbel

Speech Therapist - Michele Snyder