FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1629

Fall 2016 GCPS/GaCo Coding Competition

"See a Need - Make a Solution"

The purpose of this coding competition is to encourage students to identify needs in their community and create a solution through coding/making. “Community” could refer to a physical location, school or school system or a virtual community in which the student participates. For example (and inspiration) please view this video of Southern High Computer Science students meeting the need of their “community.”
Two divisions: Grades 5-8 and 9-12 - one winner per division.
Prize: Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (or equivalent*) per member of winning team per division.
Students may choose any coding environment as appropriate including Scratch and vCalc.
Projects may be augmented using a Makey Makey, Arduino or Raspberry Pi (or combination) as appropriate. Limited sets will be available for loan - first come, first served. Requests can be made at registration - no guarantees on this!
Registration opens Friday, October 7th via Google Form. Registration is free and highly recommended for competition requests, updates and guidance. Registration closes at 12:00p (noon) on Monday, November 21. The only qualification is that students must reside in Garrett County, Maryland (and be within the designated grade levels for their division.)
Students may register individually or as a team - no more than 2 students per team.
Submission Deadline: 11:59pm, Friday, December 2nd. (via Google Form) to include links to two Youtube videos - one required, one optional:
Required: Up to a two minute video explaining their project and explaining their code (in Screen Cast Format)
Optional: (but Highly recommended) Up to a two minute video showing the team’s coding project used by the intended users (using recorded video)
Videos must be posted as “unlisted” and will only be shared with the panel of Judges after the submission deadline.
Submissions can be made (via Google Form) starting 12:00p (noon) on Monday, November 21.
Judging Criteria:
• Relevance of the need and how well the solution was implemented
• Demonstrated coding skill and appropriateness
• Adherence to and quality of submission requirements
Panel of Judges will include Computer Science teachers, Computer Science entrepreneurs and Computer Science college students.
Winners (one per division) will be announced prior to the start of the official matches (approximately 12:30p) at the Garrett County FIRST LEGO League Qualification Event on December 10 at Northern Garrett High School. Winners need not be present - but highly recommended in order to be properly recognized and to accept prizes in person.
Questions, concerns? Email
* Equivalents include Arduinos or Makey-Makeys. Substitutions must be requested when submitting URLs.