FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1629

About our Team and Our Vision

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 1629, the Garrett Coalition (GaCo) is comprised of students from Southern and Northern Garrett High Schools. The team is based in Accident, Maryland, at a facility owned by Garrett County Government known as GEARS. Since its rookie year in 2005, our team has gained much recognition through our participation in the FRC program as well as our schools and community. We have a clear vision and mission that guides our many initiatives and activities. Our methods or strategies include strength through partnerships, making connections, and LEGO - our tool for engaging youth.


STEM Ready Kids...
To have every young person in and about Garrett County achieve that “ah-ah” moment that develops his or her potential and success in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM.)


To advocate and practice STEM in and about Garrett County and be an effective leader in STEM education in Garrett County Public Schools and the FIRST Community.


  • Affect our youth and community in and about Garrett County for STEM through research-based and effective initiatives.
  • Strive to be competitive in all aspects of the FIRST Robotics Competition program.
  • Provide the opportunity for team members to develop into STEM professionals and become leaders in STEM education.


  1.  By the 2018 FRC season (April, 2018) every seventh grade Garrett County student will have had at least four encounters (at grades 3, 4, 5, and 6) with FRC 1629 through classroom-based activities that are research-based, pedagogically sound and intended to increase the “STEM readiness” of students. (STEM Waypoint Initiative)

  2. By April 30 of each year, provide encounters (similar to those in objective 1) to youngsters (8-14 yrs of age) not living in Garrett County at a rate of ten percent of the encounters provided to students in Garrett County.

  3. By April 30 of each year, increase the capacity of FRC 1629 as measured by either increased student participation within the team, increased number of team partner contributions, increased number of team mentors or number of community partnerships formed at a rate of 10 percent annually.

  4. By April 30 of each year, increase the number of interactions FRC 1629 has had with other FRC teams that support STEM readiness in youth in their communities by a factor of 10 percent over the previous year.

  5. By April 30 of each year, 100% of FRC 1629 student member will have committed to college or some form of post high school training with at least 80% committed to attain degrees in some STEM-related field.

What is Team 1629?

Team 1629 is a FIRST FRC team comprised of high school students in Garrett County, Maryland.

What is GaCo?

GaCo (Garrett County Coalition) is a nickname for Team 1629.  GaCo, a blended team from two competing high schools - Northern (blue) and Southern (red), coming together in the spirit of cooperation to learn more about science and technology.