Elementary School
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Our Learning Partners


Dr. Pope has been a faithful learning partner for many years. With his passion and expertise in bird identification he leads students through the Cornell University Feeder Watch Program. Dr. Pope facilitated the development of our bird sanctuary and assists with research projects throughout the year. 


Fran Pope has introduced our students to the world of butterflies and she has enhanced our bird studies to include bird banding. 

Bob Shaffer is our local historian about our communities history.  Because of him we know where we came from and how rich a past Crellin has had.  His expertise has led to us to building our playground into a replication of a double boom town. 

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries employees provide knowledge and support to staff and students when we do stream studies and wildlife projects.

Max Peterson is a retired aerospace engineer. He teaches students about physics and flight. Mr. Peterson leads students in the design and construction of rockets which are launched in the school yard.  

Mountain Laurel Garden Club members work with students to build and maintain gardens. They assisted in the design and construction of our Bird and Butterfly Garden. This garden is a native garden that attracts a variety of birds and butterflies. 

Learning partners from Trout Unlimited assist with our Trout in the Classroom project each year.  They assist in the set-up of the tank and equipment, maintenance of the tank and teach students about the life cycle of the benthic-macro invertebrates and trout. TU members also teach us the art of tying flies and casting. 

Dr. Dave Miller, a learning partner from Canaan Valley, shares his knowledge of chemistry and research that he acquired as a chemist at Union Carbide.  He facilitates weekly lessons with our fifth graders in a "Discovery Science Academy" and guides them through research projects.


Dr. Debbie Miller, a learning partner from Canaan Valley, shares her time and knowledge on an array of subjects with third grade students. She explores their interests with them and introduces them to new ideas and concepts. 


Sarah Deacon, a scientist from Tucker County, enhances the environmental studies through the use of technology. She assists with SKY Club and designs labs for students to use on our iPads and PASCO sensors. She helps us integrate the use of our Intel Companion Computers in math and science. 


Vicki Fenwick-Judy assists with curriculum development and implementation for special projects integrating all content areas. She initiated the collaborative partnership between Crellin Elementary and Davis-Thomas School in WV. 


Glenville College has partnered with Crellin School to enrich learning experiences for Crellin students and their future teachers. With the use of a Polycom our students talk to college professors and students about their research and engage in collaborative field trips and lessons.